the mist

創作人: per se
所屬專輯: Conundrum
資料來源: StreetVoice


【the mist】
Composed // per se
Lyrics // per se
Arranged // per se
Produced // Victor Tse & Stephen Mok @ per se

how can we stay?
in this delusion
seven foot prison
dust covered blinds

how can we sing?
our voice has been taken
colors are seeping
out of our eyes

and I
what I'd give to go back
to the day you faded, decided to
leave me here

and I
what I'd give to take back
when they said they'd save you, fix you
I realized
there's a mist inside

holding your breath beneath the water
counting numbers until you remember
all of this started when the whispers in your head
they said, we all belong to

sink into the mist