幽谷響 YUGU

資料來源: StreetVoice



幽谷響, 2017年起的創作計劃,以所擅長的創作媒材(數位聲響、電子合成音樂、錄像及錄像裝置),嘗試運用音樂與視覺實驗詮釋科技與生命。以聲音、影像結合身體之臨場藝術表現,關注科技與人的關係,所產生的焦慮之精神狀態,並試圖以身體,探討靈魂及數位抽象自我的呈現。


YUGU (Teng Wen-hsin) lives and works in Taiwan, OR as a musician, artists, and digital hustler.
Graduate Institute of Multimedia and Animation Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts

Wen-hsin Teng is a new media artist, who also works as an independent music video producer, VJ, the bass player of electronic rock band ex-Heartones, and the lead vocalist of ATW Girl. Teng’s work is vibrant and colorful, with an affinity towards montage, broad-strokes and the psychedelic. She has performed in Live Houses and events across Taiwan. Teng is now engaged in digital media and art, with a specialty in video and video installation, applying music and visual experience to illuminate technology and life.