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2016年5月28日,血肉舉辦首場大型專場「血肉宮:建宮蓋廟演唱會」,開演前門票即銷售一空。此場演出除了亮眼的音樂表現,視覺呈現也別具特色,包括以高規格打造兩條龍柱、震撼全場的Intro Vedio,背景影片及燈光的精心搭配、別出心裁的周邊商品,帶來一場高品質的感官饗宴。這場演出除了入圍第七屆金音創作獎最佳現場演出獎,也成為歌迷心目中的經典。而專場LIVE DVD在2017年1月正式發行後,即在iNDIEVOX上蟬聯數周唱片排行榜冠軍。

2017年,血肉將發「黑訊息」新EP、進行台灣各地巡演、前進亞太地區最大金屬音樂祭Hammer Sonic,以及到日本與金屬名團Head Phones Presiden共同巡演。血肉將繼續走自己的路,「把自己做到一個更滿意的位置上」。

In May, 2016, Flesh Juicer had successfully performed their first large-scale concert, the “Flesh Temple: Built it on Brutal Taichung”, since they have started the band 10 years ago. The tickets has been “sold out” way before the concert, for this not something that you see every day in heavy metal bands in INDIE, Taiwan. Seldom have any band in Taiwan would of combined traditional religious Taiwan music with the art of metal music, yet, Flesh Juicer somehow managed to strongly combine the two element in their music production. They not only presented their performance on stage in a unique way, but also with a special hog mask on the leading vocalist, Gigo’s head, that you won’t miss, which you would only see during religious festivals in Taiwan.

Flesh Juicer formed its band in 2006, leading the style of the band with DEATHCORE and HARDCORE. And here are the members of the band, vocalist: Gigo, guitarist: Ching, guitarist, Zero, bassist: Jen and percussionist: Chung. In 2009, they released their first EP: “A Morbid State”. In 2011, they released their second EP: “The Brutal Taichung”, an EP based on the elements of Taiwan’s traditional melody, which is something that you don’t usually hear in the style of metal music. In 2015, they released they first full album: “GIGO”. They found their ideas and elements from the traditions in Taiwan’s religious culture and funeral music, then successfully combined the traditional Taiwanese pentatonic scale with the concept of the universe. The concept and idea of the music that they have produced, is based on the melody of Taiwan’s traditional culture and the idea of exposing the secret of the universal prison, which is called the solar system. For what they are trying to let the world know is, “for what they are saying is not fictitious, they are just revealing the truth which you didn’t know in a fiction way”. In the late same year of 2015, Flesh Juicer had won the 6TH Golden INDIE Music Awards – Best Rock Album. They also have been nominated for “the Best Album Design” in the 2016 Golden Melody Awards, for its unique concept of presenting their album cover design to look like a sutras.
The style and concept of Flesh Juicer, comes from the religious culture belief of Taiwan, from the simple lifestyle in Taiwan that we normally do not pay attention to, yet, this is also the main reason why they have stand out of the crowd.

Being the second performing artists in Taiwan to be on LOUDPARK
Flesh Juicer not only have been performing in all kinds of music festivals throughout Taiwan, but also have been touring in China, Japan and Southeast Asia…etc. in 2013, they had the chance to go to Germany to perform with Chthonic. In 2015, they went to perform in Japan’s SUMMER SONIC and Hong Kong’s CLOCKENFLAP. In 2016, they even performed in the largest Asian metal music festival, LOUDPARK. They are the second performing artists in Taiwan to be on LOUDPARK after Chthonic.In 2017, Flesh Juicer will release a new EP and has a tour in Taiwan. Then, stand on the stage of Hammer Sonic, the biggest metal music festival in Asia Pacific. Also, has a tour with Head Phones President in Japan.

Having a band is like running a business
“Having a band is like running a business, whether it’s your products, your image or you reputation, being passive is never the right thing to do”. Flesh Juicer has successfully formed their style in the music industry and gained their believers (they call their fans as their believers). Not only in their music productions but also the image of the band, they have subverted the idea of how people think of when it comes to a heavy metal band. They have their own unique parts.
~ Bands who know how to present their music to the audiences and make the audiences to distinguish and become a fan to love their music, all have a special characteristic, “a special taste and vision in music producing”.